Step 1: Join our Discord:

Step 2: Get the most recent version of java 8 x64: *

Step 3: Get MultiMC (MMC):

Step 4: Download CotM MMC instance(s):
CotM Core (2.4.X): Here.
CotM Majik (0.3.X): Here.
CotM Tek (0.3.X): Here.

Step 5: Import and configure the instance:

Step 6: Run instance and join server:

Final Notes: The instance is pre-configured to run out of the box. We are also using voodoo magic to self-update when we push changes to the modpack! Part of this, however, is any fresh install WILL crash on first run. Do not be alarmed by this and just re-launch.

*: due to the amount of RAM needed to run CotM, 32-bit operating systems and java are NOT supported.