Apologies for the radio silence, travelers. We've been hard at work iterating the pack over the last month. We hope the fruit of our efforts show. is a milestone release that is tenatativly considered pre-beta. A lot of configuration changes and (hopefully) the last of the mod/content changes are now implemented. 2.1.9 is mostly going to be a final round of polish, branding updates (custom main menu) and will likely be locked and version bumped to 2.2 pending any major issues.

Aside from the pack updates, the blog has also seen some work; we now have new pages in the navigation tab, including changelog and the full modlist/mod-author credits. Coming soon will be community guidelines/rules, updated team page and more.

For more specific information, you can see the config changes that were made on the GitHub project page and the mod updates/removals on the changelog.

Have fun and see you in the Multiverse!