Oh, hai there, traveler.

So, CotM 2.2.0 has been released upon the multiverse. Since the last major update, there have been significant updates to the original core mods as well as a few additions and removals. The core CotM experience at this point truly feels like it lives up to it's name: we now have Galacticraft in the mix and with this, even more worlds to explore.

CotM 2.2 is most likely going to be the final/maintenance branch of this pack for 1.12. As mod dev around the newer versions of Minecraft mature, we will be looking to make the jump eventually with new packs. Since 1.12 is pretty solid content wise, our next official new pack will most likely be based in 1.12.

Our early community poll suggested folks really wanted to see an honest attempt at a space themed pack and there is still significant interest behind this idea. However, I've also wanted to make a magik themed pack for quite a while so there is just as much interest there (tho magik packs are admittedly done to death.)

Looking forward to progressing through a fresh server and seeing all the new additions in action. Hope to see you there, too.

Until next time*.

*: hopefully not months from now